2020 Webinars

1. Climate change: Already in your neighborhood (October, 2020)

This is a basic overview of climate change– what causes it, how scientists know it’s real, ways in which it impacts almost every aspect of our lives, and the available solutions. I also discuss what Marylanders think about climate change (you can look this up for your state with the information provided).

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2. Healthy soil: What is it and why is it the basis of regenerative   agriculture, gardening and landscaping? (June, 2020)

Conventional methods for agriculture and landscaping have seriously degraded our soil, causing massive erosion and damage to the soil ecosystem.  Reversing this trend requires rebuilding the complex web of life in the soil.  What is healthy soil, how can we get it back and why is soil health a key climate resilience strategy?

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3. Regenerative gardening: Successful and sustainable climate victory gardens 

How can you grow your own food successfully?  What strategies will help you adapt to changes already occurring from climate change, and how can your gardening methods help to reduce future climate change?

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