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March 23, 2023. IPCC tells it like it is, BUT we know what to do and have the key solutions at hand. Every little bit helps, but climate doomism kills action; tips to boost your stubborn optimism; how EVs can save the grid; a shocking look back–Exxon knew what a disaster climate change would be back in 1972, so did the oil and gas trade associations, the coal industry, the utilities and GM & Ford—check out the evidence.

February 16, 2023. Feed the Courage, Starve the Fear (blog post); optimistic developments in climate action, climate solutions that work—electrification; why you might want to get rid of your gas stove (hint: health hazards of indoor air pollution); looking for a great career? Become an electrician.

May 19, 2022. 2022 Webinar descriptions.

April 28, 2022. Why I’m optimistic, last installment of IPCC report, methane troubles in your kitchen and elsewhere, my new YouTube channel, updates on fuel ethanol, old growth forests and more.

March 7, 2022. Welcome to the newsletter, Electrify everything, IPCC report, new Yale Climate Opinion Maps, stubborn optimism, soil carbon sequestration.

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