Struggling with eco-anxiety or despair? Try hope, stubborn optimism & action

Despair and defeatism are traps.  In a riveting article, historian Rebecca Solnit explains that despair, defeatism and cynicism are traps. Eco-anxiety and despair lure us into inaction and neutralize our power by draining us of energy and making action seem futile.  Allowing ourselves to marinate in anxiety and despair not only makes us miserable but…

Attitude Adjustment #1: Feed the Courage, Starve the Fear

Committing to meaningful climate action can be easier if we choose to give most of our attention to thoughts and information that reflect courage, hope and progress. From this choice we build “stubborn optimism”, which can keep us moving forward with solutions even in the face of setbacks. In contrast, listening to thoughts of fear and hopelessness saps our strength and sabotages action. Which will you choose?